New Year Organization List

This time of year, like many people, I like to get into the mode. You know the one..."let's organize all the things!". This year I'm itching to do this even more with baby girl on the way. It's almost 10 weeks until my due date and I feel like I have so much to do. Plus I'm finding myself wanting everything to be "just right". I don't want to make unrealistic goals of things to accomplish in the short amount of time we have left before she comes, so I've tried to narrow it down to a few essential things I'd like to have organized & completed around our house before her arrival.

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First up...

**Get Her Room Ready: This will involve clearing out and organizing the spare room. This task is probably the most overwhelming for me at the moment. So no, I have not yet accomplished this task. I've had many people tell me that this isn't essential and that she's not going to care if she has a room yet or not. This is very true. However, I want to have a space for her things and I'm not sure I'll realistically be wanting to get a room ready for her after she arrives. Plus, we have a smaller apartment, and it would be nice to have a space, and designated area, for some some of her things.

**Go Through Our Closets: As mentioned above we live in a smaller apartment, so space is limited. Especially closet space. Therefore, I'd like to go through the closets, organize, and purge if necessary. The more space I can make the better :)

**Organize The Pantry: This has been a long time coming and I've attempted this more than once already. Our pantry is awkward and, you guessed it, on the smaller side. It needs to be made a bit more functional as it drives me crazy on a regular basis. I've organized it in the past, and each time it's better, but only for a while. We need a more permanent solution and system. Because when this baby does come, the last thing I want is to be getting frustrated over the fact that I can't figure what we have, or don't have, in our pantry.

**Do A Deep Clean: I'd like to think I could get some deep cleaning done within the next few weeks. A sort of "spring cleaning", if you will. Nothing too crazy, but a deeper clean than I usually do on a weekly basis.

And that's my list for getting organized this new year. I'm sure I'll run into things along the way that I think I'll just have to do. However, the above is realistic and hopefully all will be do-able before baby gets here. I'll try and keep you updated as best I can.

What do you plan on getting organized this new year?