26 January 2015

Nursery Storage Ideas

So, as you know from this post, we're in full swing baby mode here. Over the last little bit we've been able to accomplish some things in the nursery and get a good amount of things cleared out {aka: purge}. There's still lots to be done, but we are on our way. Like I mentioned before, space is limited in our apartment. That means we are going to have to think of some great ways to store all the baby things. And if things have to be out in the open, they might as well be cute, right?

Here are a few great storage ideas that I'm loving and may try to implement around our house:

{find it}

Baskets. What can I say, I love a good basket. How cute is this wire one filled with blankets? 

{find it}

Bookcases are great for the obvious; but they also work great for storing toys, blankets, and if you're low on closet space, clothes. 

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I love the idea of this 3-tiered vintage basket on top of a dresser. It's unique and extremely functional. 

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This utility cart from Ikea is a perfect option for holding diaper supplies, clothes, toys, books, anything! Plus, it adds a nice colour pop.

Like I said, some really cute ideas for storing all those baby things!
Do you have any great (and cute!) storage ideas for a nursery?
Share away. I'd love to hear about them, or even see them!

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