Fabric, Lace & Ribbon Baby Mobile

A little while back I mentioned that I was finally able to start a project for Baby Girl Fancy, and I'm finally giving you a glimpse. While the nursery is still a work in progress, there are a few things finally coming together. Plus, by now you know that the colour scheme for the room is mint, pinks & neutral tones. I'm hoping when the nursery is complete that the overall feel will be vintage, rustic & a little bit modern all thrown together. Make sense? Don't worry, it's all mapped out in my head :)

After seeing many different variations of similar mobiles on Pinterest and Etsy, I decided that I'd try to make my own, and I quite like how it turned out!

This project was really simple and more time consuming than anything. It probably took me a couple of hours to complete. I wasn't rushing though, and was just enjoying the process. The only things I needed were: an embroidery hoop {I used a 12 inch one}, good fabric cutting scissors, fabrics, ribbon & lace of my choosing, and jute string to hang it in the end.

All I did was cut the ribbon, lace, and fabric {I cut the fabric in strips first}, to my desired length and then looped the pieces around the embroidery hoop. Once I had it as full as I wanted, I tied the jute string in a few different parts around the hoop for it to hang by. I still have to figure out the best way to hang it over the crib. Our crib is currently on back order, so we still don't have it, and thus the mobile isn't in place yet. When the crib does arrive I'll be sure to show how the mobile looks hanging over it. 

You'll notice I wasn't too concerned that every piece was the same length. In fact, when I was looping the fabric around the embroidery hoop I purposely made sure pieces were uneven. It's the look I was going for.

Like I said, I'm really pleased with the result and glad I opted to make my own. I have a few more DIY projects that I'm hoping to tackle before she arrives, however, days are growing short, so wish me luck!


  1. candace smith3/6/15, 7:16 AM

    Great job Leanne. It looks amazing . and I know little baby fancy will love it too ... Can't wait to see more and to meet little fancy . :) your going to be a great mother . :)

  2. Hello! Wondering how much fabric you used for each piece? I am not sure how much to purchase. Also, any idea how long you cut each piece of Ribbon/Fabric. I know you said you were not exact, so a round about guess?


    1. I'm not exactly sure how much fabric you should purchase as I used more ribbon than fabric. I had quite a few rolls of various kinds of ribbon, and the fabric I had on hand. The strips of fabric and ribbon vary in width but I went with strips about the length of two rulers and folded them in half. It all depends on how full you want your mobile to be!

  3. Hi, How did you attach the mobile to the ceiling? Thanks!

    1. Hi! I attached clear fishing line to the jute rope and then tied that to a "screw eye" that screwed directly into the ceiling. Hope that helps!


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