Boxes, Paint Chips & Nurseries

I've failed to really mention it, but we're going to be moving at the end of the month. I feel like we just moved into this apartment {but hey, that was back a year and a half ago!}. Time flies. We're not moving very far. We'll be in a house and have much more space for our little family. We weren't expecting to move, however, because of certain circumstance we just are. We do love our little 2 bedroom apartment though. It's been cozy, quiet, suited us well, and it was baby girl's first home - so it's not necessarily the easiest to leave.

I'm not going to lie, trying to pack up your house while taking care of a just turned 11 week old baby is not easy and rather overwhelming. Thankfully, we were able to get some much needed packing done this past weekend {thanks to my mom!}; so we're currently surrounded by boxes and chaos here. But I'm sure these next couple of weeks will fly by, so it won't be for very long.

Something else I've done these past couple of weeks is narrow down paint colours. I've learned that picking paint colours for your own home is harder than picking paint colours for someone else! I had a hard time deciding but finally chose 3 colours for the whole house. There's been too much going on for me to pick colour schemes for certain rooms like people sometimes do. Plus, that's not really my style anyways. So I narrowed it down to just a few. I'll share the choices at a later date, but here's a hint: think "light, airy & neutral". 

One thing I'm really excited about, aside from having more space, is finally putting together the baby's room. It was quite neglected here. This is about as far as we got:

Well, there's more to it than the above. But not much. The room still served as a guest room, the crib was never set up {because it only arrived a few weeks ago}, and to be fair, baby girl sleeps in our room at the moment. I'm still a bit sad that I never had her room set up here the way that I wanted, but  I'm looking forward to making a special space for her in our new home. 

That pretty much sums up life around here lately.
Oh, and baby snuggles. Lots of baby snuggles.