4 Ways To Use Mason Jars

We all have a few mason jars floating around the house. Here are a few of my favourite ways to put this versatile kitchen jar to use:

1. Mason jars work great as a vase. In fact, I love the casual contrast of the mason jar with pretty flowers.

2. They're great for corralling things like straws.

3. Storage in the bathroom. I like to use a smaller mason jar to hold q-tips.

4. Mason jars are also great to hold any fresh herbs you may have on hand. 

From time to time, we also use mason jars for drinking glasses and for the obvious food storage {preferably, homemade jam!}. How do you like to use mason jars around your house?


  1. I have some plastic covers for mine and store my dried beans etc. in the lovely glass jars. I also have several antique ones that I display my antique button collection in.

    1. Great ideas! I have a few in my pantry as well :)


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