Light Touches of Fall

I'm not one to completely change our decor when new seasons come and go. I do, however, like to rearrange things and add small touches of different seasons here and there. One of my go-to's for some fall decor are pumpkins. I especially love these little white pumpkins/gourds that I found at the grocery store. Since I don't have a mantle to decorate, I thought they would go nicely on the dresser where our TV resides.

There are a few on the kitchen windowsill as well.

And of course I have a large pumpkin outside on the deck alongside some beautiful mums! There are so many deer around here that I can't decorate the front steps because they eat everything! So these reside on the back deck where I can see them from the kitchen window, and where they're safe.

Texture is another thing that I like to make sure I have around, especially in the fall. Baskets, throw blankets, and pillows are all things I like to make sure are present in the house this time of year. They add an extra touch of cozy. Oh, and candles are always a favourite of mine, especially in the fall and winter months. I love this textured bark candle I found at HomeSense. It definitely adds some extra fall factor to our home. 

How have you decorated for fall?


  1. I love this! Very pretty & peaceful post :)


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