11 November 2015

A Sideboard & Dining Room Motto

I've been wanting a sideboard of sorts for the dining room. Not too long ago a friend was visiting and mentioned that they had a piece of furniture they weren't sure what to do with. They had just moved things around in their own home and the piece had been moved out of the house. She said if we wanted it we could have it. Since we are currently lacking in furniture, it was much appreciated! And it just so happens that it found a spot in our dining room. 

It'll probably get painted at some point, but for now it is staying as is. Just so happens that this is just the motivation I needed to get this sign up on the wall. We've only had it since August. It's a sign we stumbled upon and we both agreed that it was the perfect verse for our dining room!

Plus I love the whitewashed wood & gold lettering. 
Bit by bit. Little by little. Things are coming together. 

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