2016 Goals & A Rule

This is the time of year that people run wild trying to get organized, make goal lists, and write up resolutions. I'm not one to generally make resolutions and if I do, I usually just make a list in my head and call it good. I do like to get organized this time of year just as much as the next person, and the start of a new year always seems like the right time to get back on track.

This year I thought I'd actually write out a list of things I'd like to work away at in 2016. However, the rule is not to beat myself up if I get off track. And hello, I'm not going to make myself think these need to be established in the first month of 2016. That's not realistic whatsoever.

Here's what I'm hoping to work away at this year:

- Read more
- Meal plan (now that we have a little one meal times seem to take much more effort)
- Create a routine of sorts for our family & baby girl (while still being flexible)
- Less phone time (this article should be on repeat as a reminder) 
- Get outside
- Simple living
- Purge & Organize (create another outbox - I still love this concept)
- Carve out specific times for just me and husband (when a little one comes along this can be a challenge)
- Stop rushing (just because so much of the world around us is rush, rush rush, it doesn't mean we have to join the rhythm) 
- Take time to exercise my creativity (I know it's in there somewhere. I just haven't had time. Pull out the sewing machine, write more blog posts, work away at those DIY projects, try new recipes, learn how to use my camera better...you get the idea)
- Do a 1000 piece puzzle (does this mean I'm getting older?)

There it is. I think that's it. For now, anyways.
I also have some different projects I'd like to accomplish around the house this year, but that's a whole other list I'll probably share with you later :)

Are you a goal maker at the start of a new year? What are some things you want to work away at this year? Anything you want to complete? I'd love to hear about it. Just remember, there's one rule: don't beat yourself up if you get off track.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & enjoy ringing in the New Year!