Pom Pom Garland

How's the decorating coming? Last week we got the tree up and I picked away at decorating it when I had free moments here and there. I'm happy to report that the rest of the house is pretty much finished too. Today I'm sharing my favourite addition to our Christmas decor this year; a pom pom garland. It's really easy to make and, though it's simple, it adds some Christmas cozy to our living room! 

Not going to lie, I had to have a small refresher on how to make a pom pom (let's blame that on baby brain, or sleep deprivation - whatever you want to call it!). Once I figured it out I was fairly quick at making them.

I made eight pom poms with extra large yarn (see close up below). I'm not going to go into great detail on how to make pom poms because you can find that info all over Pinterest, and the rest of the internet for that matter. But to give you an idea, for the large pom poms I wrapped the yarn around my hand (yes, using your hand to make the poms is the easiest!) approximately 25 times. I then tied it off and trimmed to the length I desired - note: I trimmed a lot for the large ones. They aren't perfect, but that's what makes the garland so great!

*Important note: After removing the pom from your hand, tie it together with an extra long piece of yarn and don't trim those ends when trimming the rest. You can use these to tie/attach the pom poms to your garland and then trim once attached.

Next, I measured out some hemp string to the length I wanted my garland. I simply went to the window and measured out what I thought I'd need. I doubled up the string to make it a bit more prominent. After I had the length I wanted, I attached the large poms to the string spacing evenly.

I hadn't planned on adding the smaller pom poms, but I felt like the garland needed a little more fill. I love how it turned out! 

It fits in our window perfectly! I like this pom pom garland so much I may have to leave it out all winter. Have you done any really simple DIY projects to add to your Christmas decor? Please share, I'd love to take a look at them.

Later this week I'll highlight some of my past Christmas projects. They're easy too, promise!


  1. I thought I spied something lovely in your window when I drove by the other day! They're like cute little snowballs! You can come decorate my house next ;)

    1. Ok, I love decorating for Christmas! ;)

  2. It looks cute!!


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