Entryway Design

I think it's fair to say that everyone knows the value of a good sized entryway, whether you're fortunate to have one or not. The house we live in is a split level, so we basically have a platform when you walk in the front door. However, if I had the space, I would consider doing something along these lines. Practical & pretty. Plus, I'm loving the neutrals and the idea of adding an unexpected colour pop with something like the bench below. 

If you're looking for some ways to update your entryway you should check out this post. It's a list of entryway essentials that will help to make your entry functional for your family.

What do you consider to be entryway essentials?


  1. I've been wanting lately to start using our front entrance instead of the side. The entryway space is smaller, but doesn't look in on our messy workshop. Also, though both spaces are unheated, the front one at least gets toasty warm on sunny days!


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