04 January 2016

Home Goals

Welcome to January! We pretty much have all of Christmas packed away. How about you? Next I'll move on to putting the house back together. I'm sure it will involve some rearranging of sorts, not to mention some good cleaning. It's always nice this time of year to change things up & start fresh.

In my last post I shared with you all about my goals for 2016 and the one simple rule to go along with them. I mentioned that I had a few home goals so I thought I'd share a few of them here with you today. You know, try and keep myself in check.

2016 Home Goals

- Get our master bedroom together (This room has recently become the "drop zone". You know you have a drop zone in your house too. Laundry baskets get shoved in there; embarrassingly enough, we still have some boxes that aren't unpacked from our move that reside in our closet; it has become a space of chaos rather than "retreat". So it's on the list. Time to take care of it.)
- Organize many things: main closet, pantry, go through bathroom closet and products, etc.
- Baby girl's closet 
- Paint rocker (This thing has been half painted for almost a year! Time to finish up.)
- Get things on the walls
- Purge (perhaps start a pile for a spring yard sale?)
- Get basement together: create family room/play space/office
- Organize papers/Create better filing system (Paper organization is never.ending. Ugh.)
- Curtains 
- Create a small eat-in area/island 

There you have it. It's a start. I know I'll have things to add along the way, but these are things that are currently on my mind. I'm applying the same simple rule here as well: don't beat myself up if I get off track. The idea is to work away at these things throughout the year and continue to create a home that meets our needs and works with our lifestyle. It may be different from others, but remember, you're the one that has to live in your home - so create a space that you want to live in.

Do you have home goals for the year? Things you're hoping to accomplish around the house?

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