12 January 2016

Painting The Rocker: Take II

I'm finally getting around to painting our rocking chair. Truth be told I started painting it well over a year ago. I started off with white. Because, well, white. White is a go-to, a neutral, and it will go with anything. I got the first coat of paint on, and once I started the second I decided that I wasn't 100% liking it. I know, I know. Never judge an unfinished project. But it was feeling a bit too white. Too stark. So I stopped. I didn't even bother finishing and it's been sitting like that ever since. I had the best of intentions to finish it before baby girl arrived, but that didn't happen; and I've had little time to squeeze in many projects since she arrived. So here we are. Take II.

I picked up some paint over the weekend - Annie Sloan, Paris Grey (along with a sample pot of  Aubusson Blue - I'm sure I can find something else to paint!). I decided to stick with a neutral for the rocker and grey seemed like the right pick.

Here's a look at what I'm starting with:

It's not very hard to see that the painting wasn't completed. Some parts have a second coat and some don't. I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to get this completed this week sometime. What project(s) have you already started from your home goal list?

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