Cozy Den Design

I'm hoping to share more design ideas in the coming year. I really enjoy creating spaces and pulling rooms together. When you're wanting to update/create a space sometimes it's easiest to create a design board first. This gives you a visual and puts your ideas to "paper". It doesn't mean the final result will look exactly the same. But it does give you a jumping off point and a guide of the style you're going for. So when you're ready to update and swap things in and out you have a resource for the look and feel you're wanting to establish in your space.

A few quick things you may want to consider when you're creating a cozy space:
  • Layer - pillows, throws, rugs, textures, you name it!
  • Warm neutrals in different textures.
  • Colour - think warm & calming tones (but that's not to say bright colours can't be cozy).
  • Adequate lighting - on dreary days do you have some lamps to turn on? Or just a big bright overhead light? The right lighting can definitely cozy up a space.
I'm all about a cozy space. And on a day like today when it is pouring rain out (so weird, it's February, shouldn't it be snowing??), this is the exact type of space I would want to camp out in. Cozy is a must for me. And this space is definitely that! 

How do you like to cozy up a space?