Thinking Spring & A Little Piece of Waco, Texas

I know I'm not alone when I say that Fixer Upper is one of my favourite design shows to watch. I just love what Chip & Joanna do, and Joanna's design style is right up my alley. Her designs are always fresh & beautiful without being over the top. Since Waco, Texas is a bit far to travel for this Canadian girl, I was excited when I was given a gift certificate to Magnolia Market for Christmas. A few weeks ago I finally made a decision on the goodies I wanted and I was able to pick them up over the weekend! 

Since spring will soon be here, I wanted to get a couple of items that would help to brighten up the house. I decided on a small hob nail vase, this yellow rustic tray & a magnolia mug (because, hello, coffee).

The vase can clearly be used for many things: flowers, a small house plant, pens & pencils, etc. And the tray I'm sure will be moved around the house many times to various places. I love the worn details of the chipping yellow paint. It's unique and the yellow adds just enough colour without being overpowering.

Vintage Tray Details

We haven't had an overly difficult winter this year. In fact, it's been rather mild and we've had very few storms (especially compared to last year!). That being said, I'm still looking forward to spring and have already started to think of ways to brighten up our home and de-clutter. I know we still have some winter left, but it's still nice to think of sunny days, green grass, and fresh air. And if it's still a little ways away, I have a few new things to make our home a bit brighter. 

Are you thinking about spring yet?