09 March 2016

If Your House Needs a Pick-Me-Up

Spring is close. Some days I can feel it more than others. But nevertheless, it's close. The other day I was sifting through papers and mail and things that needed to be filed away. While doing so, I found a card that I was given a while back. Sometimes I keep cards, sometimes I don't. This one I hung onto. It had an encouraging message in it from a friend and the front of it was pretty. I thought instead of putting it away into a box (or another paper pile), I'd use it for a little pick-me-up around the house. I popped it in a frame I had kickin' around and had instant art.

framed card on wicker tray

a pretty card + a frame I already had = FREE art

I did this a while back with the cutest little lobster card. We were in Cape Cod a few summers ago and I stumbled upon a lobster print in a gift shop. I then saw the same print in card form. It wasn't nearly as expensive and was the exact same, just a bit smaller. I knew I could easily frame the card and get the same look. It's lived in a gallery wall, a hallway, and now it's on the wall in our entryway. I still love that little piece of Cape Cod.

Next time you're given a card with a pretty photo that you don't necessarily want to part with, think about putting it in a frame. Or keep an eye out in gift shops or when you're at the card store next. Cards can be an instant, inexpensive, pick-me-up for the house.

Could your house use a little pick-me-up? Keep in mind that sometimes all it takes is moving something around or repurposing an item in a way it's not generally intended for. What ways do you like to give your house a pick-me-up when you're needing a refresh?

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