28 March 2016

The Easiest Birthday Banner

We're a few days away from celebrating baby E's first birthday! We're sticking with a simple celebration and so I opted to make a few decorations. Over the weekend I put together the easiest little banner. I really love how it turned out.

To make your own, all you need is some decorative card stock (cut into triangles to the size of your liking), mini clothespins, and twine (or string of your choice). Simply pin the card stock to the twine, and you're done!

No need for glue, just some scissors. Seriously, simple. The best thing is, when you're done with the banner you can always reuse the clothespins and twine & put the card stock to use elsewhere. Sounds good to me!

Since her birthday falls mid-week we'll be getting together with some family to celebrate on the weekend. I'm sure I'll share a glimpse of the festivities when they're over with!

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