28 April 2016

Goal Check-In + News

How are you coming with your New Year Goals? You may remember I shared some goals for myself & our home at the start of the year. I thought it might be a good motivator to take a look back and see how they're coming along. Accountability is always a good thing, and maybe you're needing some too. So dig out your list and let's take a look back together! Because, what's the point in setting goals if we never take a look at them?

Goals for Myself

- Read more - Check! I have been doing more reading. I recently shared what I've been working away at, and hope to share another post of what I'm reading soon!
- Meal plan (now that we have a little one meal times seem to take much more effort) - This is coming along. Some weeks I'm better with meal planning than others. The weeks I'm good at it though, meal times tend to go more smoothly. I'll be sharing what works for us when it comes to meal planning on the blog in the near future.
- Create a routine of sorts for our family & baby girl (while still being flexible) - I feel like routine has been a process and it's coming along. Cleaning routine, sleep routine for our girl, and just the routine of life. With kids, say sleep routines, I feel like something interferes (i.e. teething, sickness) and you have to start all over again. All that work, wasted.  So, needless to say, we're still working on it. 
- Less phone time (this article should be on repeat as a reminder) - This is something that I work at daily. Some days I don't even look at my phone (my friends can attest as I can be so slow at returning texts); and some days I feel like it's with me all the time. So definitely a work in progress.  
- Get outside - I feel like this is one I've been doing quite well. This winter wasn't overly harsh and so I was able to get outside more with the babe. We've been going on lots of walks as of late, and I'm hoping that will only increase as the days get warmer!
- Simple living - This is slowly evolving for me/us. I feel like simple living is different for everyone, but it's something that I'm trying to figure out. 
- Purge & Organize (create another outbox - I still love this concept) - We are getting ready for a big purge and organize (see update on why below), and I think that this book is just the book to help me out
- Carve out specific times for just me and husband (when a little one comes along this can be a challenge) - We honestly haven't been the greatest at this. We're woking on it. Now that the babe is older I'm hoping it'll be a bit easier. How do YOU make time for you and your significant other since kids have come along?
- Stop rushing (just because so much of the world around us is rush, rush rush, it doesn't mean we have to join the rhythm) - Some days are going to be rush, rush. That's just life, it's a given. But choosing to slow down and say "no" sometimes is necessary. It's a work in progress and probably always will be. I think trying to find a balance of some sort is key.
- Take time to exercise my creativity (I know it's in there somewhere. I just haven't had time. Pull out the sewing machine, write more blog posts, work away at those DIY projects, try new recipes, learn how to use my camera better...you get the idea) - I think I've been doing this one semi-ok. I have definitely been playing with my camera more, trying new recipes when I have the time, and been making little DIY lists and checking a few things off here and there. So, so far, so good. 
- Do a 1000 piece puzzle (does this mean I'm getting older?) - I have yet to pick up a puzzle. It may be more of a fall/winter activity, but I've been keeping my eyes open for one that I want to do.

Before we go through the home goals, I'll be honest. These have been slow going. One reason for that is that we're going to be moving again real soon. You're probably thinking we're crazy. I'm thinking of sharing an update of the why's sometime; but until then, I'll just say that we have an across the city sort of move coming up in the next couple of months, and then a move to another province sometime in the new year (time is still to be determined, but right now it's looking like it'll be after Christmas). That's a lot of moving in a short amount of time. So for that reason, for the most part, home goals have been put on hold.

Home Goals:

 - Get our master bedroom together (This room has recently become the "drop zone". You know you have a drop zone in your house too. Laundry baskets get shoved in there; embarrassingly enough, we still have some boxes that aren't unpacked from our move that reside in our closet; it has become a space of chaos rather than "retreat". So it's on the list. Time to take care of it.) - Thankfully we have a handle on the clutter. Now to begin making the space a retreat & really finding/creating a space for us. 
- Organize many things: main closet, pantry, go through bathroom closet and products, etc. - This has been happening bit by bit, especially as "spring" has come. One full closet I diligently went through (I'm happy to report), was the bathroom closet. I said goodbye to expired medicines and products. Man, those things can pile up quickly!
- Baby girl's closet - I've started going through this to get ready for the move. Putting things aside to giveaway/sell, and/or pack away for another baby someday. 
- Paint rocker (This thing has been half painted for almost a year! Time to finish up.) - This is painted! It just needs to be waxed. I'm semi disappointed with the colour again. Only because it pretty much, unintentionally, matches the walls - I clearly wasn't thinking when I chose the paint colour. I'll blame it on mommy brain.
- Get things on the walls - I have been able to get a few more things on the walls, unfortunately we're starting to take things off the walls now.
- Purge (perhaps start a pile for a spring yard sale?) - As I pack I'll definitely be purging. Plus, I'm starting a box for a yard sale. Hoping to have enough things to have a sale before we move. 
- Get basement together: create family room/play space/office - This sadly has not happened. It's started to be the home to boxes for moving. It would have been a great play space though! Maybe in one of our next homes we can create a play zone/family room.
- Organize papers/Create better filing system (Paper organization is never.ending. Ugh.) - This is ongoing. Enough said.
Curtains - I decided that this was pointless for the time being. Only because all of the rooms currently have blinds. We'll worry about curtains when we get to our "next" homes. 
- Create a small eat-in area/island - Again, this was put on hold/didn't happen. We don't yet know where we'll be living and didn't want to go and create/buy a table or island not knowing if it would be wasted money/if we would have the space. If we were staying, it'd be a different story. 

Phew. There's a detailed update of my goals for the year. Definitely need to work on some and get back on track, but overall I feel like I'm doing a good job at working away at them. How are yours coming along? Go over your goals and continue to chug away. That's my plan, anyways. The main thing to remember: don't beat yourself up if you've gotten off track!


  1. Sheesh. That's a lot of stuff!! You're doing a great job mama! You have the phone time one aced ;) haha. Just kidding. MP

    1. Awww thanks :) And yes, I know you understand the phone thing haha


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