Our Current Coffee Nook

One appliance you'll always see out on the counter at our house is the coffee maker. It's used daily here and it's how we generally start our mornings. Since it's something that we use often, it definitely deserves it's own little nook. 

In the cupboard above the coffee maker is where we store mugs, extra coffee, tea, and anything else coffee/hot drink related. I originally had our mugs in another cupboard in our kitchen, along with our glasses, but that just seemed silly. It's easier to grab a mug from the cupboard directly above and to keep "like" things together. 

We may have a slight problem with collecting mugs. I really should go through them and get rid of some. Maybe Kondo's book will be able to help me.

And because everyday isn't always full of flowers, here's what the coffee nook generally looks like:

2 Tips for creating a coffee nook:

  • Keep it Simple - Try not to add unnecessary clutter to your counter and take advantage of shelving or cupboards above or below your coffee space. Don't have much counter space but want to create a coffee nook? Think of adding a small rolling coffee cart/island to your kitchen area. 
  • Corral everything to one spot - Make sure you keep everything together/within the same vicinity. This way you won't be all over the kitchen looking for and digging for the items you need. 

Looking for some other great coffee nook/station ideas? Check out this post.

Do you have a little coffee nook in your kitchen? I'd love to see it/hear about it!