Paint Colours in Our Home

I often get asked what the names of the paint colours in our home are, so today I thought I'd share them with you.

When we moved into our current home, last summer, we were able to paint. It was a process to pick the colours we wanted (mainly because I was back and forth), and of course I was wanting colours that would work with whatever.

Instead of choosing a different colour for (which I'm not sure I would even recommend), we decided on three colours for the whole house. The main reason for this was because I really wanted everything in our home to flow nicely. It definitely makes our home feel less busy and much more calming, even if the house is in a state of disarray.

The three colours we decided on:

The colours are from Benjamin Moore. I loved the options and I thought these colours flowed so well together. It's always difficult to get the true feeling of a colour through photos, and often times the colour doesn't quite look the same as it does in person. But here's a look at the colours in a few spaces around our house:

The living room and all the bedrooms are painted stonington gray. I really, really, love this gray. I will say though, that it's a gray with blue undertones. Just like any paint colour, lighting and flooring (believe it or not), can change the look of it; but it mostly looks gray, and I love it. I will definitely use this gray again someday when we move. It's a really great neutral. 

Our kitchen is painted wedgewood gray, and to be honest, the photo makes it look more gray than it actually is. It's definitely more blue in person.

Here's a look at the woodlawn blue in our downstairs living space. Sadly, not much progress has been made in the space. But, it does give you an idea of how the colour looks on the wall. We used this same colour in our main bathroom & downstairs bathroom as well.

I'm really happy with the paint colours that we ended up choosing and now, 10 months later, I can honestly say that I still like them. They aren't too busy and they having a calming and a freshness about them. I also like that they can easily be paired with colourful accessories, rugs, etc. I'll definitely be filing the names of these colours away so I don't forget them if I need/want to use them in the future. 

So tell me, what are your go-to paint colours for your home?