Baby E's Nursery

Since our baby girl is now a year old I thought it was probably time to finally share her nursery. Everyone says that time seems to go by even faster when you have kids, and I now know that to be true! So without further delay, here's a look at her room.

For a refresher, since it's been a while, here's a look back at the design board I put together for the space. It was great for figuring out the overall feel I was going for in the space. 

I didn't really go with a theme for her room, but more of a colour scheme, I suppose. However, I guess the overall vibe would have a hint of vintage & rustic, mixed together with pops of mint & pink. It's something that she can easily grow with. On a side note: I think that's key when decorating rooms for kids. There's nothing worse than creating a space that you'll have to completely overhaul in a year.

Here's a look at her crib with the crib skirt on. Unfortunately, when we lowered her mattress, I couldn't get the crib skirt back on. I think it would have worked had I put skirt on before we put the end of the crib back on. But, by the time I figured that out the crib was already back together. So the crib is currently skirt-less.

I really did love that ruffle!

I think my favourite thing in her room is the mobile I made. You can see the full details of that here.

I couldn't let the banners I made for her first birthday go to waste, so after the festivities were over I hung one up in her room.

The arrows are another favourite of mine. I love the rustic feel they add to the space. 

The bookcase was mine growing up. My grandfather actually made it and I love that it's now a piece in my daughter's room. The bookcase is used to store, toys, books, and I keep a bin of her socks, shoes, and tights on the top shelf.

We opted not to buy a traditional change table. Instead we went for a dresser that we could easily fit a change pad on top. I'm so glad we went this route. A change table you'll only use for so long and, more than likely, you'd still need a dresser. So something that does double duty is perfect!

I have some other items collected to create a gallery wall above her dresser, but have yet to get them configured on the wall. Maybe at our next place.

Incase you're wondering, the wall colour is Stonington Gray (Benjamin Moore). It's a colour that we've used throughout our house. I love that it's calming for the space and creates the perfect backdrop for other things in the room to shine through. 

I've had so much fun putting her room together! I'm a bit sad that we'll soon be moving and she won't be in this room much longer. But I know it will be fun to set up her room and create a space for her in our next place too!


  1. So adorable! I love it all, especially the homemade touches!


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