03 May 2016

Beating Clutter & Making Room For What You Love

Organizing & simplifying can seem like a never ending cycle. Have you been there? Why else do so many of us deem the start of a new year to be the time to get organized? Not to mention, Spring is notorious for cleaning, getting organized, and purging away all that "grime" we seem to have collected over the winter months. 

I've been slowly working away at my own spring cleaning, all the while getting into a weekly cleaning routine and finding out what works for me since becoming a mom. Honestly, some days go by and I look around and wonder how things piled up. You too? We've all been there. That's what I love about Melissa's new book Make Room For What You Love. She's relatable and helps us all, because we've all been there, get to the heart of clutter. 

If you're needing some encouragement this book has plenty of it, with tips on how to deal with the clutter in your home. It's emphasis isn't necessarily about the BIG things you can do to help with the clutter in your life. Taking control of clutter is about starting small and how things can progress from there. It's a domino effect, one small thing can lead to another, and so on.

I've definitely read this at just the right time. I recently mentioned that we're getting ready for a move. Whenever we've moved in the past I have a nice purge fest. It always feels so good. And I'm getting ready to do that same thing again. This time though I hoping, as I go to clear the clutter, I'll be able to be a bit more decisive when it comes to figuring out what items go and what items we actually want to bring into our next home. Making room for what we love, simplifying, and keeping only the things that are useful in helping us create our home is the goal.

So, if you're needing a little boost to take back your home, and beat the clutter, this book is for you. It'll be a book that I refer back to often as it's filled with great tips and lots of motivation. It really helps get to the heart of the clutter in your life so that you can make room for what you love.

Melissa's book is now available and you can grab your own copy here. And if you're looking for more tips etc. you may want to check our her blog, The Inspired Room.


  1. What a wonderful review and good luck on your move!


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