This & That

For Mother's Day a couple of weekends ago I tried out a new recipe for a blueberry crumble coffee cake. It was so good that I made it again two days later to take to wedding shower. Then we ate the leftovers all week, obviously, with our morning coffee. I'll definitely be tucking the recipe away to make again and again. 

This book sat in my mailbox all last week because my 1 year old misplaced my keys while we were visiting my parents. I finally got my keys back (they were found tucked away in a boot!), and have been reading sections here and there when I have a few minutes. I've already found it to be an encouraging read, just like her blog

We've been able to enjoy a few trips to the park so far this spring. I think we're in for a fun summer! While we don't have a walker on our hands just yet, it looks like she's getting close, and she's already so eager to explore everything. As you can see, the trees are still in the beginning process of getting their leaves, but I just love this photo from the other week. Summer is coming.

One of my favourite stores to pop into is the book store, Chapters Indigo. Besides books, they have home decor, paper products, and a ton of other cute things. I found this cute pillow cover a few weeks ago for a steal at $10. I thought it'd be a great way to add a bit spring/summer to our home. The floral and pop of pink is a bit more girly than I generally go for, but if it's something I tire of in the living room I'm sure it'll find a nice home in our daughter's room. I'll share a peek of what it looks like in our living room next week. 

We're really needing to get the ball rolling in regards to packing up our house. So that's on the agenda for this long weekend. And hopefully a bit of time in the sun. 

Happy Weekending!