A Reminder: One, Two, Three...Switch!

Sometimes you have to switch things up. I always find that moving gives you fresh eyes for your home. What's working, what's not. It gives you the chance to try furniture in a different arrangement, and to try using your decor in different ways. You can place things in other spaces, reconfigure a vision, and try something new. 

I got this frame a while back. I loved the shape, but not the dark colour. After a fresh coat of white paint it went up on the wall to showcase our "F".

It actually didn't end up on the wall at our last place as I went a different route with our "F".

Anyways, I found the frame when we were packing things up. Of course in the midst of chaos I thought it was a good time to give it a makeover:

It has now found a new home in E's room. I love the pop of colour it brings!

Just remember, things don't have to stay the same in your home (whether you move, or not). Give yourself permission to move, paint, and switch things up! Try it. You just might like it.