For Your Weekend

Another weekend has rolled around and I feel like summer is closing in on us. Thankfully it's a long weekend here, so we'll hopefully be enjoying some extra family time and fingers crossed, some sun.

A few things that caught my eye this week...

Emily revealed a playroom makeover she did for her kids and I'm now adding it to my inspiration list for someday. If you recall, I had hoped to create a play space at our last home, but since we ended up moving, that idea is on hold for now and I'm tucking those ideas away for later (along with Emily's latest reveal #playroomgoals). 

I like this way of showcasing a particular family photo.

Last year we signed up to receive local produce packs & this past week they finally started up again (yay, for local produce!). So, I'm on the hunt for ideas on how to use/cook/eat beets & beet greens. I'm not a huge fan, but if they're cooked right I might enjoy them. This recipe for beet green pesto looks good (I like pesto!). All that being said, if you have any great ways to use beets and/or their greens, help a girl out!

I made this salad this past week & as usual it was delish! So refreshing. I'll definitely be making it a time or two again before the summer is done.

An article to read for the days when you feel like you're at a hard stage with this whole parenting thing.

I love seeing things like this. They make me happy. Plus, how awesome is the transformation?!?

Happy Weekending!

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