15 July 2016

Simple Summer Activity For Your Toddler

Aside from walking to the park down the street, which is geared more for older children, there isn't much to do within walking distance of our apartment building. Thankfully there is a grass area right outside our building and that's nice for letting E run around. But another thing we've been doing lately is simply filling a bucket of water and letting her play in it with water & bath toys. 

Who needs a water table?? And, why didn't I think of this sooner??

Seriously, fill a bucket with water, grab the bath & water toys and head to the patio, front porch, back yard, or wherever you have outdoor space (obviously, with adult supervision!).

It helps to break up the afternoon, especially if she hasn't napped. It even gives me a chance to just "sit" for a few minutes (and maybe enjoy an iced coffee!). To be honest, she will sit and play for almost an hour doing this! We'll see if the novelty eventually runs off, but for now it works great for those hot days when we're stuck at home.

As you can see, our little patio is great for sidewalk chalk too!
What simple summer activities are you doing with your toddler? Spill the beans, I'm in need of more ideas!

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