26 August 2016

Bedroom Side Tables (Part I)

This little 'ol dresser got a makeover.

While I did love the mint colour, it was time for a change. I thought I could make it work in E's room; but it's not quite big enough for her to use as a dresser & we ended up going a different route. I'm sure I could eventually make it work. But for quite a while now it's acted as a side table in our bedroom (we needed one) and to be honest, I was tired of looking at the mint. I like that it has a bigger surface than most side tables and there are lots of drawers to store things. On the other side of the bed we have a brown side table (it's also getting a makeover!). It's time for a more cohesive look and it's time to put some effort into our room and create a nice little retreat for us. A space we really like. It was one of my goals for the year so it's time I start working away at it. While going out and purchasing some nice new side tables would be lovely, we're currently working with what we've got.

I'm using Annie Sloan's Paris Grey, leftover paint from this project.

Swapping out the knobs on furniture or cabinets is a great way to give an update. This time though (for the mint dresser anyway), I'm just going with the paint. I like these pretties too much!

Here's a peek:

Hoping to share the results soon!
Happy Weekending!

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