02 August 2016

Kitchen Nook Design

Today I'm sharing a kitchen nook design I recently made in hopes to create a similar space one day. It's actually something I had in my head for our last place (this, or adding an island with a couple of bar stools). If you have a separate dining space, and a smaller kitchen space, this may be an idea for you too. 

This space has the exact vibe that I'd want in my kitchen. Happy, calm, inviting & a bit of cozy. I could envision some great conversations over coffee in a space like this! 

If you're thinking of creating a space like this, consider the following:

- For starters, pick a smaller table (depending on your kitchen size) that works for the space. I like the idea of a round table because sometimes they're a bit easier to maneuver around.

- If you have a wall you can work with, consider creating a banquette. Try placing a bench along the wall for seating on one side of the table (and if it's a bit longer than the table, that's ok!), and then pick a couple of chairs for the other side. Don't forget to accessorize your bench with a few pillows to raise the cozy factor.

- Lighting is another element to think about. Maybe swap out a current fixture for a new one, or add one above your little nook if possible. If it's not possible, try adding a small table close by with a lamp on it if you're able to. You can put a lamp in the kitchen.

- Sometimes we forget about putting art in our kitchens. Decorate with a bit of a personal touch by adding some art or photos to the space. Maybe even think about creating a small gallery wall.

- Accessories. Don't go over board, but consider adding a plant to the table or a nice floor plant near by. Also, mugs & teapots can also add that little bit extra to the space you're creating. Maybe pick up a few new ones that will go well with your new little kitchen nook.

- Lastly, think about adding a rug to the space. I know sometimes rugs in the kitchen can be a bit tricky, food & drinks spilling on carpet isn't exactly ideal (especially if you have kids!). However, if you can find an easy to clean rug (maybe an indoor/outdoor) it would really help to define your new space.

And that's it. Just a few easy ways you can create a kitchen nook!

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