Paris Grey Rocking Chair

So here we are, only eight months later and I'm sharing the results of Painting the Rocker Take II. The chair started off a dark brown with some painted embellishments on the top and was quite beat up (see a glimpse in the photo below).

Then if you recall, I decided to paint it white. However, before I had even finished it I hated it. It was much too stark. It sat half painted for the good part of a year and then in January I decided enough was enough. Instead of going with a creamier white (which I debated!) I opted for Annie Sloan's Paris Grey, and overall I love how it came out. It does have the ability, depending on the light, to look a little blue-grey; but for the most part it's grey ;)

Like I said, I painted it months ago. I did two coats of paint and had plans to add a coat of clear wax, but that never happened. I'm actually not sure I'll add the wax at all now as I like the end result as is. 

As you can see, the rocker lives in E's room (see her nursery at our last place here). It's not the most comfortable piece of furniture, but we decided to make use of what we had. By adding a chair cushion that I found at wicker emporium, and a cute little bunny pillow, it makes it a bit more comfortable for those middle of the night wake up calls. Plus, it adds to the cute factor. 

On to the next project. Since I have left over paint I'm thinking of using it to give the side tables in our bedroom new life! Stay tuned, and hopefully it won't be another eight months before I share the transformation of those!