01 September 2016

Autumn Things

How is it September?
While I'm not wishing these last days of summer away I will say that, as usual, I am looking forward to fall. We've had a few days lately where you can feel fall in the air and I love it.

A few weeks ago when I was out I noticed that stores were already stocking all things pumpkin. I couldn't resist, I had to pick up a pack of this coffee to start my stock pile. I'm holding out making it though until the real fall weather kicks in.

I can't wait for cozy & warm & baking & comfort meals & throws & slippers & candles & crunchy leaves & hot drinks on the porch (& the list goes on!). I know some of these things are enjoyed year round, but it's different in the fall.

I'm looking forward to doing fall things with E this year. Picking out a pumpkin, apple picking, thanksgiving, and just enjoying a different season outdoors with her now that she is full on exploring. Autumn is coming, friends. 

And if you're wanting some more inspiration for fall, be sure to follow my "Everything Fall" pin board in Pinterest:

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