E's (Temporary) Room

As you know, we're currently living in limbo. We moved to an apartment a couple of months ago and sometime in the new year we'll be relocating a bit further away (to the next province over).

I was back and forth about how much to unpack etc. We do have a bunch of things in storage, and boxes in other parts of the apartment, however I decided that for the most part I wanted E's room to be as normal as possible for her. I didn't put everything that was in her last room up, but we'll definitely use them again when we move. For now I just put up what was easiest and what I could easily get to among boxes. I may still put her mobile up, we'll see.

Above her bookcase I put up a little cluster of prints. They're part of a collection I had going for a bigger gallery wall. I thought for a temporary room three was enough for now.

It's becoming rare that I change her on the "change table". She's so wiggly and most of the time fights a diaper change, that means a lot of times diaper changes happen on the floor. I'll probably soon be tucking that change pad away. 

The frame around the "E" is one that I just recently updated with a coat of craft paint. It used to live in our living room. The banner is left over from her birthday & was super simple to make. I thought since it was so cute there was no need for it to go to waste!

She got this little table and chairs for her first birthday and the past few months she's been using it a lot. She can now get on and off the chairs, for the most part, all on her own. She loves to sit and play with her toys at the table and it's the cutest sight to see.

You saw a peek of her crib in this post and we still use the rocking chair quite a bit. 

So that's it! Her current (temporary) room. She loves to play in here & I'm glad that we could make her a little space that's all her own. 

If you want to see details of her room at our last house head over to this post.

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