14 October 2016

Nautical Bath Inspiration

Sharing a bit of bathroom inspiration today. If you're looking to give your bathroom a quick update (we're not talking reno here), maybe you'd want to go the nautical route? It's something I'd consider, as I love the look. I know, the nautical theme is a bit overdone, especially in bathrooms. However, today's look gives off that nautical/beach vibe without looking like a sailor threw up (if ya catch my drift!).

To achieve a similar look:

- Think of adding or swapping in some art that goes a little bit beyond the seashell. I love the octopus (a bit unexpected), and the flamingo for a colour pop!

- If you can, swap out your mirror. Again, look for something a little unexpected that makes a bit of a statement and gives off a touch of that beach-y/nautical vibe.

{find it}
- Paint is another easy way to help achieve the look you're going for. If you're going the nautical route, shades of sea blue are an obvious choice, but also think along the lines of greys, and whites. Fresh & bright! That being said, if you're feeling brave, perhaps consider going a bit darker. It can be done, and when done right, can look really great! 

{find it}
- Textures & Pattern are another great way to give your bathroom an update. You can find some really great baskets to house towels, facecloths, and even your toilet paper stash (helps to avoid leaving your guests in a predicament!). Bath mats & towels are other great ways to not only add texture but add some patten too. Stripes is the obvious, and timeless, choice to add a little bit of nautical - you can never go wrong with a good stripe! 

Just a few easy ways you can add a little bit of that beach-y/nautical vibe to your bathroom!

PS - If you're a fan of all things nautical you may want to check out this nautical nursery design I did.

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  1. I love the mirror with rope idea. Maybe for a normal round mirror I can find a sailor rope and make a similar arrangement.


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