04 October 2016

The Library

We have been reading to E ever since she was itty bitty. She loves books! Sometimes she'll be playing and I'll peek around the corner from the kitchen to see her sitting on the floor looking (and talking) at a book. It's seriously the cutest! I hope her love for books continues.

Late this summer I started taking her to the public library. I wasn't sure how it would go, but she absolutely loves it every time. Many times it's a battle to get her to leave without making a fuss. I suppose that could be considered a good thing?

Our library has a great section for kids, so that really helps. It has a great selection of books, an area with tables that are full of crayons & colouring sheets, seating for kids & adults to sit and read (or for parents to sit while their kids play), and it has a play area with some toys. It also has computers available and there are weekly programs for kids of all ages. It's the perfect place to go and spend a morning or afternoon on that rainy day, or for those days when you're just needing a change of scenery. 

It's been great for me too. I haven't exactly read much fiction since E came along. So in the few minutes I'm able to look for myself (because looking for a book for yourself with a toddler in tow is a bit of a task) I usually try and grab a book to bring home. And ya know what? It's been nice. I'm really looking forward to utilizing the library more, not only for E, but for me too. 

We try to go once a week. And like I said, it's great for rainy days and those days when you just need to get out and do something different. I think it'll be an especially great activity during the winter months when we're feeling a bit stir crazy from being in the house so much.

So, if you have young kids (and even if you don't) I encourage you to check out & utilize your public library (for them & you!). You never know what they have to offer until you check it out & you just may be pleasantly surprised.

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