The Easiest Faux Snow Globe

It's about time for a Christmas-y winter craft. Right?!?

There are some really cute snow globes out there these days. Although, they can be on the pricey side. I did purchase one on sale after Christmas a few years back (that's a good way to do it if you're looking for one!); unfortunately, I have no idea what box it's in. So, it may not make an appearance this year.

No worries though because I decided to make my own (faux) snow globe this year. I've seen these all over and love the simplicity of them. If you're looking for a simple decor item to add to your home this Christmas you may want to give this one a try. It's easy, cute, and a lot less expensive than those you can buy.

What you'll need:

- A mason jar (however big or little - one that will obviously fit the tree/characters you decide on)
- Bottle brush tree or any other little characters/christmas-y/winter things you may want for your scene - there are lots of options at craft stores right now, & be sure to use a coupon! ;)
- Fake snow
- A sprinkle of silver glitter
- Ribbon
- A glue gun

To make:

- Simply glue your bottle brush tree (or the characters of your choice) to the bottom of your jar using the hot glue gun. Be aware, that once the glue dries, your item can easily come off the glass (at least mine did). So don't fuss with it too much once it's attached. I re-glued mine and then let it be.

- Once you have your tree attached, add the amount of snow that you desire & a little sprinkle of glitter (it gives it a nice little sparkle).

- Attach the cover & then tie your ribbon of choice around the top of the glass. I tried mine right below the cover. If you want it to be more permanent you can attach with glue. I left mine as it easily stayed put.

- Tilt your jar to move the snow & glitter around on your tree & your done!

FYI - I don't recommend shaking the snow globe vigourously. As previously mentioned, once dried the hot glue on the glass can easily come off (at least it did on mine - thankfully before I added the snow). So, when you're wanting it to "snow" lightly tilt your globe a few times and let the snow settle.

This little DIY only took about 10 minutes! For real. Ten minutes & you have the cutest little Christmas/Winter snow globe! The great thing about the one I made is that it's not necessarily Christmas specific. I can easily untie that ribbon & use it as a little piece of decor for the rest of the winter. Ta-da!

Happy crafting! And stay tuned, I'll be back the end of the week (or early next week!) sharing my Christmas/Winter wreath once I get it photographed!