01 January 2017

2016 Blog Recap

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season. I know we did! Last night, we rang in the new year at home, with E in bed. We played cards, watched TV, ate snacks, and surprisingly stayed up until midnight! Crazy times, I tell you ;)

It was a great 2016. However, it did have it's moments (like every year does). Through it all though, I am choosing to look at the good things that happened. So today I'm popping in to highlight & look back at some things that happened on the blog this past year.

In January I made some goals for myself & our home. I plan to do the same this year. I'm still working away at the list, but I'll be sure to share & even go over some things from 2016 (things that happened/worked/didn't work).

Also, if you're looking for tips on having a productive week, I created this list. No doubt, I'll be revisiting this.

In February I really started collecting play room inspiration for E in hopes of creating a family/play space. While it didn't happen due to a move, I have been saving the ideas and trying to implement them where we're currently at. And after this past Christmas season with the extra toys we seem to have accumulated, I think I'm needing inspiration more than ever! #So.Many.Toys.

I still love this cozy den design I made.

In March I shared one simple (cost-effective) way you could give your home a pick-me-up.

We also prepped & made some decorations to celebrate E's 1st birthday! Simple is best.

In April I shared the 1st birthday recap. In a few months she'll be 2. Gah. How did that happen so fast?!

I also shared the paint colours we used in our last house (I'll definitely use these colours again!) & the news that we'd be moving (again).

In May I made the easiest (and I do mean easiest) kitchen valence & shared what I learned about beating clutter in my home (I need to revisit this one, for sure!).

I also shared E's nursery reveal. It's probably my most favourite thing! 

Our summer was pretty low key (especially around the blog) as we settled into living in limbo.

I did however get a few DIY projects finished (yay!) before the summer was over. Like this one & this one

September was about comfort food, wardrobe staples & this DIY for E.

In October I shared one of my favourite weekly activities to do with E. Definitely looking forward to more of this this winter season. Oh & this soup. It will be made more this winter, for sure.

November & December were composed of getting ready for the holidays, and that included some simple decorating & DIY projects.

There's LOTS more that happened. Recipes, other little DIY projects, design ideas/boards & life updates. Be sure to check them all out in the archives (listed in the side bar). And you can check out projects HERE & designs HERE.

I'm so thankful for all of you that follow along with me. I'm looking forward to more blogging adventures & projects in 2017!

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