09 January 2017

2017 New Year Goals

Last year was the first year that I actually took the time to write out my goals for the new year (I made some home goals too!). I'm not really a resolution maker, but I do like the idea of setting some goals for the year to come.

So, much like last year, I've decided to do the same this year. I've combined life & home goals this year. Mainly because we're still living in limbo (aka: going to be moving sometime soon-ish), but partially because home & life go hand-in-hand.

So here's what I'm hoping to work away at this year:

- Journal - Whether it be ideas, thoughts, prayers, whatever! Write it down.
- Read more - Overall, I probably failed at this one last year. So, here's to new beginnings! And, I'm starting strong with a good stack of books to dig into.
- Continue w/meal planning - This past year I got so.much.better at this! It was a goal I set last year, and while I did fall off the wagon a few times, I think I did quite well overall. This year I'm aiming to get even better at it because, let's face it, meal time prep etc. when you have kids can be cray-zy. Plus, it can be so much easier to tackle the grocery store & better for the budget. I mentioned a while ago about writing a blog post about how I meal plan, don't worry, it's still coming.
- Essential oils - This past year I started learning about & using essential oils. This coming year I'd like to continue learning about them & using them to best benefit our family, home & health.
- Simple living - Again, a goal I set last year. This involves purging & organizing (especially with a move coming in the very near future).
- Keep carving out time to exercise my creativity + do the things I like - Blogging, crafting, DIY projects, furniture makeovers, whatever. Keep at it.
- Get outside & be active - Especially this winter! It's so easy to stay inside when there's snow & it gets cold. Plus the thought of getting a toddler all bundled up is exhausting. But seriously, I need to get some exercise.
- Date night - We can't be the only ones that find this hard when kids come along, can we? Whether it's a date night in, or out, set one. Make plans.
- Just chill - This one. I need to chill. Chill if the clean laundry is sitting piled on the chair in the living room for a whole entire day (or more). Chill if the dishes aren't done immediately. Chill is the house looks completely wrote off. In general, just stop thinking everything needs to be put together all the time & right this second. If the night before was a late one because of the little babe that lives in this house, and I just need to sit with a coffee while she naps, do it. I need to give myself permission to let everything just "be" sometimes. It doesn't mean I won't care about those things and that I'll let things pile up for days (although confession, sometimes, that does happen), but it does mean that it's OK to give yourself a break. Husband gave me this book for Christmas, and it sounds like I need to read it. Plus, how pretty is that cover!?!
- Also, my puzzle! I didn't get to do one last year. Here's hoping for this year ;)

Overall, I've decided that a good word for this year is intentional. To BE INTENTIONAL. With our family, relationships, our home (what we bring into it, inviting people in), our faith, and just our plain ol' everyday life.

Lastly, I made a little rule last year when it came to the goals I set, and this year the rule still applies: don't beat yourself up if you get off track. Start over, if you have to, and try again.

Ok. Are you still with me? Those are my goals for the year. Do you make & write out goals for the year? What are some things you're going to work on in 2017? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. I just did some meal planning myself, I hope it goes well. :)
    I am also working on incorporating a monthly date night, it absolutely gets harder with the little ones. :)
    Happy New Year!

    -Abby, https://therealhousewifeofdc.blogspot.com/

    1. Yes, it does get hard! And meal planning has started saving my sanity! Hope it goes well for you!


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