Cozying Up Your Home For Winter

It's true. I believe a home should always have some cozy factor in every season: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. But in the winter, it's a different kind of cozy than the rest of the year. Plus, I know the winter can be loooonnngg & difficult for some.

Now that the holidays are behind us and all those decorations are away, it might feel like your home is a bit bare (mine does!). Which is kind of nice, to be honest. It always feels like there's more room to breath and the house feels lighter. At the same time, it's a great time to give your home a little boost. So, since it's winter (and I live in Canada!) cozying up your home is a great way to give it that extra boost.

Here are 5 ways to cozy up you home for winter:

Lamps - Lamp light is probably my favourite. Especially in the winter months. Since the time change in the fall, it's dark earlier in the evenings, and a little lamp light can go a long way in the late afternoon as darkness approaches. I rarely turn the overhead lights on in the rooms (unless it's the kitchen or I'm really needing some extra light). Consider investing in a few more lamps for your house; OR switch them up, move the ones you do have around so they're just so. Add one to a table in the hall, your kitchen counter (if you have the space), a corner where you wouldn't expect there to be one. I bet it'll make some difference in the cozy factor of your home.

*Side note - If you're on a budget, be sure to check second hand stores for lamps. If you find one with a great base, can look beyond the colour and initial design, not to mention the often dingy lamp shade, you can easily give it an update. Try spray painting the base a colour of your preference, grab a new shade & voila! New (to you) lamp! See how I did a little lamp update of my own here.

Candles - These are another must. The glow of candles is so cozy; and there's something about candles burning on a snowy day. With a toddler running around I have to make sure these are well out of reach. So I generally have these in the kitchen or on the dining table (OR I only light them after she's gone to bed). I have however, recently invested in a few LED candles that I can have on in the evening and not worry about with our daughter. And even though they aren't the same as a real flame, they do the trick & add some of that warm glow.

Pillows - Pillows always cozy things up. And sometimes the more the better. Add some extras to your sofa, your bed, or that corner chair in your living room. I don't think you'll be sorry about it.

Throw Blankets - I always have a couple of throw blankets floating around the living room and generally one on the end of the bed.

Hot Drink Station - Make a hot drink station. If you usually keep tea, coffee & hot chocolate out of sight, consider gathering your supplies together on a tray & keep it on the counter (at least if you have the space!). This way you'll be more inclined to make that cup of tea in the afternoon or evening on those cold days.

So, while winter is here, you might as well make the best of it & give your home a lift. In turn, I bet it'll make you feel a little better about the cold dreary months.

What are some ways you cozy up your home for winter?


  1. Great ideas!!! I love the lamp renewal project and warm drink station. :)


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