Farmhouse Dining Room

I know I'm not the only one who likes that farmhouse vibe. I'm pretty sure I could live with full on farmhouse style. However, since I enjoy various design elements from different styles, I always like to incorporate different styles together. Mix and match, if you will.

Here's a farmhouse dining room design I recently made that incorporates a few different design styles, all while giving off that farmhouse vibe.

While the majority of this dining room design is traditional farmhouse, I added a few elements that are a bit more modern & contemporary such as: the table, the light fixture & the art. And on a side note, don't be afraid of mixing the chairs at your table. I love the mix here. Even the straight up wooden chairs are a bit more contemporary than the slipcovered ones.

A chair like this would even be a great mix to add in. It would add a lovely contrast to the table and the two slipcovered chairs.

I quite like this space and the farmhouse vibe. There's something about the farmhouse feel that's cozy & inviting. All things I want our home to be. Definitely tucking this design away for a later time when we can do some updates.

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