06 January 2017

Three Things to do This Weekend

Alright, we all know the new year is full of organization/cleaning/purging rituals/resolutions/tasks. Phew. Don't worry, my 2017 goal post should be up sometime next week (I know you're waiting on the edge of your seat). Anyways, getting organized etc. is a task that many of us tackle this time of year; and lots if times, once we get the list made it can be extremely overwhelming.

We start out with our lists & great ambitions to "organize all the things!". I get it. I do it too. So, in order to avoid getting completely overwhelmed, I thought each weekend this month I'd give a little list of tasks to complete. Do them, don't do them, pick 3 specifics off your own "to-do list", whatever. But, I thought it might help us all breathe a little easier, and help keep us a tiny bit accountable/give us a kick in the pants to get some things done (namely, me). Not ALL the things at once, just a few.

So, this weekend, here's what I'm planning to tackle:

1. Clean out the fridge. And while I'm at it, the freezer. Seriously. Give it a good cleaning. Take everything out. Throw out those things that may have expired (whoops!), and those bottles of sauces that only have a tbsp left in it. You know the drill. Sift through the stuff to chuck & the stuff to keep. Wipe down the inside (the walls, the ceiling, the drawers, the shelves). Then put everything back in, in a nice orderly fashion. Feels better, doesn't it?

2. Clean out & organize ONE closet/cupboard or drawer that desperately needs it. Only you know what this is in your home. You probably have more than one. I know I do. BUT, this weekend just choose one. It'll feel so much better.

3. Clean all of the paper & junk of your counters. This. This one I so need right now. Papers & random junk have collected for the past month or so on the end of my counter. It's not good. I hate looking at it and it needs.to.be.gone. So this weekend it's happening.

4. Do Something Fun. Surprise! There's a #4. Don't forget to do something fun this weekend. Relax, rest, have a good time. Because, if your weekend is FULL of tasks you more than likely won't start your next week off well. Remember, all the things can't get clean & organized in the span of 2 days! It's a process.

To make your 3 tasks a bit more enjoyable, make a coffee, turn on some music or a podcast, and then get to work. And the most important thing to remember, if you don't get your tasks all complete this weekend, don't beat yourself up. Try completing one of them in an evening next week. Plus, you always have next weekend ;)

If you join me (with these tasks or your own) I'd love to hear about your accomplishments in the comments below, or share the results over on my FB page.

Happy Weekending!

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