Three Things to do This Weekend

We've made it to the last weekend in January! That means it's the last weekend in our series 3 Things to do This Weekend. Find the previous posts here, here & here. How have you made out? If you're new here, I've been posting some tasks for us to tackle each weekend, not to discourage us, but to encourage us with those new years goals we so often set of cleaning, organizing & purging. The motto is a little bit at a time, and if you haven't been able to get 3 tasks complete each weekend, it's no biggie. If you got at least 1 thing started or checked off your list, that's a win! 

Here's what I'm working on this weekend:

1. Pick a Closet - Maybe the coat closet? The Linen closet? Your clothes closet? The kids closet? I know the first week you tackled any closet OR cupboard that needing a good purge/cleaning. But, if your house is like mine, I'm sure you've got another closet you can tackle. I *think* I'm going to attempt our coat closet this weekend.

This can be a big project depending on the size of the closet and the severity of messiness. So, make sure you just pick one closet and clear it out (save the others for another day). Make keep, donate/sell & trash piles. Get rid of the things you don't/won't/haven't used and put back only things that you use & need. And, if you find things that are for another season, grab a basket or bin of some kind and store the items until needed.

2. The Pantry - I'm actually dreading this one, but I know in the end it'll feel so good to have this done. Start by emptying the shelves & then wiping them down. Then start going through your food. Check expiry dates. If you need to grab containers to store things better, do so. Side note, I really like using mason jars to store things if I need to! Next, start putting things back on the shelves in a system that works for you & group like things together (all the spices, canned goods, baking supplies, etc.). Once you have everything back in working order, you're good to go! 

3. Make a List - If you've enjoyed dividing up & conquering projects/tasks like we have been the past month, consider making a list for next month. Decide on the things you want to clean/organize/purge and write them down. Then write them on the calendar on the weekend you want to try and accomplish them. Maybe pick one or two things to do a weekend. This way you have a game plan and you'll be less likely to get overwhelmed by all you want to accomplish. 

Remember, depending on your home, these have the potential to be big tasks for one weekend. If you find that's the case for you, pace yourself. Maybe just pick one, and then if you have the energy pick another small thing in your home that's needing attention. Do what works for you. And since they're bigger tasks this weekend, be sure to take some time to do something fun. Get outside, do a family activity, go on a date, head to the bookstore, grab a coffee with a friend, take the time to bake or cook something you like. Whatever! Just make sure you take the time to do at least one thing that you enjoy this weekend!

Hopefully you've been encouraged & found yourself motivated to make your home a happy place that functions well for you and your family!

Happy Weekending!