Getting Me Through

Today I thought I'd join in with some other bloggers who are talking about what's saving them right now. As in, what's getting them through the winter. The winter months can be long, and while it did just turn February, we still have a good amount of winter left.

So, here are a few things that are helping get me through this winter:

Dance Parties E loves to dance. So, everyday we try to put on some music and just dance. You know, get the crazy out. The best part? E thinks my dance moves are stellar ;)

Meal Planning I know I've promised a post on meal planning & how it work for us since it was a goal of mine last year. And it's coming. But seriously, meal planning is getting me through. Some weeks I'm better at it than others. But, I've been doing my best to really think about and plan our meals for the week. I've even gone as far as planning out breakfasts, lunches & snacks. It's totally making a difference and helps with my sanity.

Candles I'm a candle person. And when I find a good smelling candle (like, a really good smelling candle) I'm hesitant to burn it; because why waste such a good smelling candle so quickly? But, in the evenings especially, I'm lighting a candle. It adds to the cozy, smells good, and can be rather calming. So I encourage you, light that candle you're "saving".

Getting Outside These days are sometimes few & far between, because sometimes wrangling a toddler into her snowsuit etc. is exhausting. But, we really do try to get out and enjoy some fresh air on the days that we can. The days that we can't? I try and crack a window open just slightly to let a little fresh air in for a few minutes.

Nap Time Yes. Nap time. For E, not for me. Although, how good would it be to take a nap? :) I've been being intentional lately to sit down for a little bit while E naps. Yes, there's about a bajillion things I could be doing, but sitting down and taking a little time for myself with a cup of coffee or tea helps this momma out. Sometimes I'll have my quiet time & read, sometimes I'll flip though a magazine, sometimes I'll catch up on some blogging, read other blogs, or just go on Pinterest for a few minutes. You need to allow yourself to sit sometimes. In other words, just chill.

Small Group A few weeks ago I started attending a small group with some other lovelies who attend our church. It's been really nice to get out one evening a week and go through a study with them all. Plus, I'm really enjoying the study (The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer).

Sometimes, (okay, a lot of times) it's the little things.

To see what's saving some others & getting them through the winter, head over to Modern Mrs. Darcy.

What's helping to get you through this winter?