07 February 2017

Valentine's Day Banner (Kid Craft)

We don't make a huge deal about valentine's day in our house. We generally do something little for each other, but nothing overly extravagant, and we definitely don't spend a lot of money. We lean to the side of simple & meaningful.

I also don't really decorate for holidays necessarily, except for the obvious Christmas season. However, now that we have a little girl I thought it might be fun to add something to the house that is a little bit valentine-y. And since I didn't really want to go spend money on valentine's decorations, yesterday we made this cute little valentine banner. It's super simple, budget friendly, and I bet you have all the supplies in your craft cabinet to make one yourself (with the help of your kids!).

To Make:

1. Start by drawing/tracing some hearts on a piece of card stock. I fit 7 on one piece and didn't bother making more.
2. Next, cut them out.
3. Let your kids decorate them. Since E's not quite two, I stuck with simple colouring. I specifically pulled out all the pinks, reds & purples. If your kids are older you could pull out other embellishments (glitter, if you're up for it!) to decorate. Write on them, draw, whatever. 
4. Once they're done decorating, punch some holes at the top of the hearts and weave some string, ribbon, or twine through. I used good 'ol washi tape to hang ours on the wall since it doesn't leave marks.

It's not perfect, but it's simple, cute & those sweet little hands helped make it! To be honest, other than me outlining and colouring a couple, she decorated the majority herself. She loves to colour so this was right up her alley. Plus, she loves seeing it up on the wall! It also killed some time on a Monday morning ;)

In the end, we hung it up over her little table & chairs.

Simple, sweet & easy. This banner is super easy & cute as well. You could easily find some nice patterned valentine paper and do this

If you're looking for another great (and simple) valentine's activity to do with your kids, you may want to try these wax & watercolour valentines.

And, if you're looking for budget friendly valentine's ideas, check out this post.

 What do you do around your house & for your family to make valentine's day special?

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