09 February 2017

Versatility & Small Nursery Changes

I recently switched things up in E's room again. It's crazy to me how fast she's growing. We'll be celebrating birthday number TWO in approximately two months. Crazy.

When decorating E's nursery I decided on simple, pretty, functional & versatile. You can see her nursery from our last house in detail here & her current room here (although, like I said, things have been switched up again).

I guess my overall thought when designing & preparing her room was, there's no need to overwhelm the space and, most importantly, it needs to be functional for us. Side note, often times the functionality of a space is something you learn & tweak as you go. 

Versatility was another key thing I wanted for the space. I didn't want a bunch of "baby" furniture & decor that a year or two later I'd completely need (or want) to switch out; and if so, I wanted it to be very minimal.

That's why we opted not to buy a change table. I know there are some really nice ones out there, but when you're limited on space, and on a budget, why add one more piece of furniture that (for the most part) you'll only use for a couple of years.

I loved the straight up simplicity of adding a change pad to a dresser top. We decided on this clean & streamlined Hemnes dresser from Ikea (in white) and I couldn't be happier with it. I'd consider getting more for our house in the future, actually. 

It worked great for us to add a change pad to the top. Last month I finally tucked the change pad into storage as we really hadn't been using it for quite some time, probably a few months at least. No, it's not because we've succeeded at potty training before the age of 2 (wouldn't that be nice!). But, a wiggly growing child is much easier to change on the floor. 

Now her dresser top holds her lamp, night light, a newborn photo (I can't even, that itty bitty face!), and a basket of her socks, slippers, and tights. FYI: this is so easy and much better than digging through a drawer. No new decor here, just switched things around. We moved her dresser to the other side of her room to make more room for play and parked it right under this little gallery (that "So Loved" sign is just on a different wall now). All items are ones we had for her room when she was first born & that still work wonderfully today. I love that. 

What are some ways you made your child's nursery/room versatile?

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