08 March 2017

Spring Ready

We're getting closer to spring each day, but we all know that sometimes the date on the calendar means nothing & the weather out the window trumps all. While we're all eagerly waiting for spring to arrive, and be here to stay, I thought I'd share a few great ways you can get spring ready now.

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Start your spring cleaning If you generally do a big spring clean, think about starting it earlier this year. As in, now. Yes, now. Make that list of things you're hoping/wanting to accomplish & the things you want to deep clean. Once you've compiled your list start attacking things today! Or pick few things to do each week and/or weekend. Don't overwhelm yourself, just start somewhere with something. Bonus: when the nice weather does come you won't be stuck inside working away at your "to-do" list.

Get a new plant (or two) Bring some green living things into your home. I admittedly don't have the greenest thumb, but I always like to try and have a plant or two around our house. In fact, I just picked these up. Now is a great time to grab some plants and put them around your house. There's something about adding some "green" to your home that makes you think spring & makes things feel a bit more like spring (even if it's not). Finding a cute and/or colourful pot to host them in helps a lot too. I'm still loving this little DIY I did last year.

Lighten up I know it can still be rather chilly this time of year. But, it's a great time to start lightening things up around your home. Maybe you don't need so many throw blankets out, or maybe you can swap the ones you have with ones that are a bit lighter weight. Do the same with bedding. More than likely you can put the heavier blankets away. Just be sure to leave an extra blanket out for those cooler nights.

Another Idea: Start searching for some "lighter" pillow covers for your sofa or bedroom (think colours & fabrics). Add some colour. Brighten things up. It'll make it feel a bit more like spring inside before it's arrived outside.

Collect yard sale items If you're someone who likes to have a yard sale each year (or likes the idea of having a yard sale) now is the time to start gathering things for your sale. Grab a few boxes and every time you see something you no longer need/want, pop it in the box. This way when the first few weekends of great weather come along you'll be all set for that yard sale, and more likely to follow through with having it! If you're feeling ambitious, have stickers on hand so you can price items as you throw them in the box. You can always change the price later if you need to. Overall, it'll be a lot less work when the time comes to have your sale.

Go through your closet Now is a great time to start going through your clothes for the next season. If you store spring/summer clothes, think about getting them out and going through them. If there are clothes that no longer fit, or that you know you just aren't going to be wearing again because they're old or out of style, get rid of them now. Donate what you can and trash what needs to be trashed. Start a list of things you're going to need for the spring/summer season and tuck it in your wallet. That way when you're out and about and you see a good sale/deal or whatever, you know what you'll need (and hopefully it'll help you save a little money!). If you have kids, this is an especially good idea.

Another great closet to go through this time of year is the coat closet. Depending on where you live, you may be able to start putting away the real heavy winter boots & winter clothing (all while leaving a few things out - lighter scarves, gloves etc.). Wash and stash the items you know you'll no longer be wearing. You'll have less things to put away when the warmer weather comes and you won't have a bunch of things you're not using take up that precious closet space!

•       •       •       •       •

Just a few ideas for you to start prepping your home for spring now. This way, when spring finally decides to make an appearance you'll be ready for it. Or at least well on your way!

What would you add to the list?

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