20 March 2017

Sunshine, Grocery Store Flowers & Spring

It's the first official day of spring (and all the people clapped their hands!). Over the weekend, between both the sunshine & fresh air, you could feel the promise of spring. I won't get too ahead of myself, because I'm sure winter is going to linger for a while. But even though there's still that chill, there's a promising warmth as well. I just love that.

This time of year I always find the sunshine to be a huge motivator. To face the day & do the tasks at hand. Maybe it's just me, but it definitely gives a much needed boost.

I was at the grocery store on the weekend and these pink pretties hopped into my cart. While I love fresh flowers they're definitely a "treat". The sunshine must have been the motivator because I couldn't resist. Not to mention, these were discounted flowers (3 blooms for $1! and a little bunch for $3.99) and I really couldn't pass them up. Seriously, don't write off those discounted flowers at the grocery store.

Add some sunshine with grocery store flowers:

- Grab a small bouquet or two of flowers from your grocery store (bonus if they're discounted!); if you grab more than one bouquet try and have them compliment each other so you can mix them if you wish.

- At home, find a vase (or two). I love using everyday items such as mason jars. Mugs are super cute holding flowers too! 

-  Cut the stems of your flowers (at an angle) to fit the vase. *Side note: I generally like the flowers as close to the vase as possible; this gives a fuller look. But it all depends on what type of flower you're using and the height of your vase. With smaller "vases" like I used here, I follow that rule. When cutting the stems I started off with having the bloom about 2-3 inches above the vase (that way if I have to cut down I do so later, which usually happens). I also don't cut all the stems the same size. 

- Add some fresh water to your vase & start placing the flowers. I start with the smaller stems around the base and then add the taller ones in the middle. Fiddle around with them (and trim if you need to) until you get them just so.

- Place your flowers in a spot around your home that's needing a bit of sunshine & where you'll see them often. Be sure to swap out the water every couple of days to keep them fresh.

Be sure to add some sunshine to your home in some way this week! Whether through flowers or something else. It'll lighten the place up, make you smile & give you a little boost (even if the sun isn't shining). 

Here's to the coming days of sunshine & fresh air!
Happy Spring!

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