Toddler Birthday: Pink with a Hint of Flamingo

At the end of March we celebrated E's 2nd birthday! It's crazy how fast she's growing and it seems like everyday she's learning & doing something she wasn't the day before. We find she's at such a fun age!

Just like her first birthday, we kept her second birthday low key and simple. And to be honest, this year it was probably even more low key than last. That's because when it was party planning time I was dealing with the energy zap and nausea that come along in the first trimester (we're having baby #2 this fall incase you missed it!).

For her birthday this year we decided (really, I decided...ha!) to go with a flamingo theme. They're everywhere, incase you haven't noticed. However, when I was trying to find party supplies/decorations I couldn't find a thing locally. Not even a cookie cutter. And of course, I wasn't completely on the ball to order offline in time for things to get here. Plus, when shipping costs more than the item you're wanting thanks.

So, I improvised and worked with what we did have. I found some pink tissue garland on sale (which I know is easy peasy to make, again I was tired & nauseous), and some flamingo paper (which I forgot at our house an hour and a half away - the party was at my parents) to make a banner of my own. Using twine, the pink tissue tassels, and wrapping paper (this is where I improvised; thank goodness I thought quick on my feet! ha) I made this cute little banner for the window & her highchair.

Here's the simple birthday banner I made for her party last year.

And since I had such a hard time finding flamingo type embellishments for the party, when it came to decorating the cake I did not know what to do. As you can see I'm no cake wizard. I made a funfetti cake with vanilla frosting and simply added some pink sprinkles. And that flamingo is what started it all. For quite a while she carried that thing around with her everywhere (that and a dolphin), so that's what gave me the idea for the flamingos in the first place.

As you can see I decided to plop that fisher price flamingo on the cake (don't worry, I washed it!) and called it a flamingo cake. It's not the prettiest and not exactly Pinterest worthy, but when she saw that her flamingo was on her cake she was so excited & happy. 

For the rest of the party food we kept it simple as well. We had make your own sandwiches (BLT's) on croissants, veggies, and guacamole & chips. Like I said, simple but tasty. 

I suppose you could say the party was a pink party with a hint of flamingo. And, for a two year old who's favourite thing was probably the balloons it was just perfect. Everyone had fun celebrating E's little life and that's really all that matters.

You can see all of her first birthday details here.