29 June 2017

Our New House (Part I)

If you missed it, or you're just catching up, we bought a house! I've promised new house photos for a while now and today I'm finally sharing some. After some busyness, along with some sickness, and then some travelling, I finally had time to snap some photos of our new (to us) place. This will give you a glimpse as to what our house currently looks like: semi-unpacked & just moved in sort of thing. I don't even have things on the walls yet since we're hoping to have some painting done in the very near future (the brown walls have to go!).

The house is split level, so when you enter the house you can either go upstairs or downstairs. Today I'll give the upstairs tour (kitchen, living room, dining area & entryway - I'll share the bedrooms & bathroom later). *Disclaimer: these photos aren't styled, nor are they the prettiest ;)

Alright, here we go...

The entryway. One thing I like about this entryway (hint, it's not the light fixture) is how spacious it is. You probably can't tell from the photo, but I've been in many split level houses where the entryway is so compact that there's barely room to move around, especially if there's more than one person coming in the door at the same time. So the landing space is a good size. Plus, there's a closet! Yay! A lot of split level homes don't even have an entry closet. So this is definitely a nice feature.

At the top of the stairs there's a hall that leads down to the bathroom and two bedrooms. And across from the stairs is an archway that leads into the kitchen. At the other end of the hall is the living room. I can not wait to paint, have I mentioned that? The living room is a great size, and the little bay window lets in lots of natural light. That bay window is one of E's favourite things (I'm sure of it). Her table and chairs are parked right in front of it and she's got a great view of the entire street. She's a fan.

Sidenote, I've already rearranged the furniture in the living room. It's no longer set up as pictured below. Trying to figure out the best arrangement.

Next up is our dining space. At some point there was a wall between the kitchen and the dining space (I'm standing in the kitchen taking this photo - note the tile floor), but it's been opened up and I'm so glad it is. To the right in the photo you'll notice there are patio doors that go to our deck; and to the left is an archway that leads into the living room.

Right off the dining room is the kitchen. It's essentially one open space with the dining area. We're on the hunt for an island or perhaps some sort of sideboard for the wall across from the stove. There's adequate space and it would give some more storage/work space which would be nice. There is a nice size pantry cupboard (that you can't see) right beside the stove that is great to have.

That's the first little part of the tour. As I mentioned, we haven't done much at all. We're currently trying to narrow down paint colours and I'm sure once we get some different paint on the walls it will feel completely different (a little paint can do that!).

Stay tuned for the progress!

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