21 June 2017

What Summer Is

It's the first day of summer and we're welcoming it with open arms at our house! It seems it's been rather dreary and cold this spring, so here's hoping for warmer and sunnier days ahead.

Summer is...

+  Sunshine
+  Beach days
+  Coffee (iced coffee!) on the deck
+  Strawberry picking
+  Later evenings
+  Ice cream & popsicles 
+  Day trips
+  More time outside
+  Evening walks
+  Bonfires & s'mores
+  Laid back days
+  Lemonade
+  Vacation
+  A warm breeze
+  Watermelon
+  The smell of sunscreen
+  Flowers & freshly cut grass
+  Days at the cottage
+  Camping & hiking
+  BBQ's w/friends
+  Farmer's markets & fresh produce
+  Picnics
+  Flip flops
+  Sunsets

Summer is everything lovely.
What things are you looking forward to this summer?

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