Our New House (Part II)

I thought it was about time to share the remainder of the upstairs in our new home. If you missed part 1 of the house tour you can catch up here. The last post contained the entryway, living room & kitchen/dining area. 

Next up, on the upper level are the bedrooms, hall & bath. Again, we've done nothing to these rooms in these photos except move our stuff in. I thought it would be fun to show the progression of transformation as we go. So here's the just moved in semi-unpacked state.

At the top of the stairs if you go to the right (down the hall) you'll find the bathroom & two bedrooms. 

Let's start with E's room. You can see the pink peeking out of the door in the photo above. Here's how the room currently looks:

The family before clearly had a little girl as you can tell from the magenta pink walls & decals. It's worked so far, but painting is about to commence (like, yesterday...and today!!)! Especially since we found out we're having a boy & that E will be sharing her room with her baby brother at some point. 

I'll be sharing updates of her room soon as it's high on the priority list and we want to get it ready before baby boy arrives! 

Next up on the tour is the bathroom. Overall, it's a good size. It would be nice to eventually add some shelves to the wall, so we'll see if we can make something work. The wall across from the shower is fully blank so it needs something

And, in exciting news, it's been painted since this photo has been taken! Yay! I'll share an update sometime soon. It's hard to tell, but the bathroom is a green colour in the photo below.

Lastly, here's a peek at our room. It's nothing great at the moment and definitely a work in progress. Here's a photo I snapped the week we moved in:

Nothing much has changed. Although, a bassinet has been added and a little baby station is coming. Again, I'll share the progress as it comes. I still don't have anything on the walls (other than that wreath!). We'd also like to paint our room, but if it doesn't happen before the baby comes we're not too worried about it. 

And that completes the house tour of our main living level. I mentioned our house is a split level so we do have living space & rooms downstairs as well. But, to be honest, there's not really much happening in those spaces yet. It's currently the holding area for boxes and whatever else we haven't unpacked and organized yet. Ha! I will share at some point. 

Happy September, friends! Hope you're enjoying the long weekend!