A Blank Slate In The Kitchen/Dining Room

Now that the painting is finished on the main floor of our house, we can slowly chip away at making the space feel more like "home". The paint is already helping in huge ways and has completely transformed the space. It's brightened things up majorly. Now it's time to hang things on the walls and really start to move in a little bit more.

One exciting thing that happened a couple of weeks ago is that we purchased a new table for our kitchen/dining space. We've been wanting one for quite some time and have been keeping an eye out for sales/deals on tables that we like, and we finally found one! The table seats six people comfortably and we could easily get away with seating eight people around it total (it just might be a little cozy!). We're definitely glad for the extra seating options for when family or guests come over, especially since our previous table felt cramped seating six. It would have been nice to find a table with a leaf in it to make it even longer, however, I think it would have been pushing it in the space. This size seems just right for our dining area.

The table is more of a farmhouse rustic style (just what I was looking for!). It didn't come with chairs and the chairs that matched with the table had actually been purchased already. I wasn't too disappointed about that as I was considering not going completely match-y match with the chairs anyways. So for now, until we find something we like, we're just using our old chairs from our previous table.

Now that we have a new table it's motivated me even more & I'm scheming up ideas of how we'd like to (eventually) finish the space. We know that we definitely want to swap out that light fixture when budget allows and when we find something we like. Again, I'm keeping an eye out for deals & bargains! And for the seating options, like I said, I'm considering not going match-y match.

To try and get a sense of what I'm hoping to find I put together a little inspiration board. Below are a few of the lighting & seating options that I like, and are the general feel & look I'd like to aim for in the space. Now to find them (and find them for a deal!).

I'm leaning more towards a type of white chair and I think black would be second place. And when it comes to the light fixture, I'm not 100% yet which one I like best. I think the middle option. But we'll see. I could come across something completely different than anything pictured above. 

And here's a little reminder of some other kitchen/dining inspiration I schemed up not too long ago. You can see more details in this post.

The main thing, for now, is that the walls are painted! The rest we can slowly decorate & pull together as we use what we have, and find things when budget allows. 

Stay tuned for more of the process!