A Fall Table: Pumpkins + Pinecones

While we are choosing to go slow with the decorating around here, working away at things bit by bit, I have been craving some "fall" around the house. Adding a little touch to the kitchen table was just the fix I needed.

I picked up a pie pumpkin from the grocery store (with no intentions of making a pie) & grabbed some of the pinecones I had on hand. Then shopped the house, plopped the two into a wooden whitewashed bowl, and flanked it with a couple of mercury glass votives. 

And yesterday, while at Ikea (we just had one open near us, more on that later!), this black & white table runner had to come home with me.

Nothing elaborate, nothing fancy. Just little things that make it feel more like fall around here. And just in time for thanksgiving this weekend.

Even the smallest, simplest, touches make a difference. Hope you all have a great weekend & Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!